How to get your ex back


You probably were in a fantastic relationship with someone who really made you happy and who you thought was the right one. Perhaps you have been together for years, but no matter you have certainly experienced together wonderful and full of moments that made you think that your relationship would never end. But then suddenly your loved one began to be cold and distant, until one day he left you, making your world literally fall into ruins. How to get your ex back?

Find the strength needed to start a dialogue if you want to regain a relationship

Now that you have time for yourself, use it! Remember all the things you like to do yourself, without your ex. Call your friends who you haven’t been talking to for some time, learn new skills and enjoy loneliness. Add something new to your life. You can find a new hobby or work on a new habit. Just find something that is not related to your immediate past.

If this is impossible, then it should become a warning sign for you. This means that you see your ex as a support that you don’t want to get rid of. This may be a signal that you should not go back to each other. What you need is perhaps an admission that you need yourself. If so, the other person is the tool you use to hide unresolved conflicts that really have nothing to do with him.

getting ex back

Never ask your partner directly

Don’t ask him if he’ll come back to you. If you do it too soon, you will reveal your intentions, you will cease to be a challenge again and scare him away from you. What’s more, even if he asked if you want to go back to him, the best answer would be: “I don’t know. I must admit that I sometimes think about it, but on the other hand I don’t feel the same for you anymore. If you want, we can try, but remember that I can’t promise you anything. ” You give hope but you are still a challenge. If you agreed, you would show that all the time you were at your fingertips and the situation could change quickly again.

Ask yourself – Why do you want to recover it?

Do you want to recover your partner for the right or wrong reasons?

Do you want to come back to him because he is a man of your life with whom you may have already spent several years and whom you still love?

Do you want to get him back because he is a special guy who suits you better than all the other guys you’ve ever known? Do you want to go back to him because your relationship was really special?

Or maybe you want to go back to it because you can’t be alone, so you just need a person by your side who will give you a sense of security and stability?

It seems that this question does not add anything, and the answer is obvious: you want to go back to it, because your relationship was unique and you still love it. However, the latter case is not so rare.

The situation described in the third question refers to girls who, after parting, seem desperate for a week or a month, and then suddenly begin to meet someone else, forgetting about the former overnight. Think about whether this is not you.



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