How fast is my internet

how fast is my internet

Checking the internet speed is very simple, unfortunately the tools available so far could not be the basis for complaining the service with the provider. Now just a few clicks!

Run tests in the browser

Virtually everything in your home has a browser. Run tests on your laptop, iPad, console and any other device you use often. This way you will find out if any disproportions are caused by the equipment you are measuring. Also try different places. The speed may depend on your current distance from the router. Finally, test the connection at different times. Rush hour even exists on the internet. Wi-Fi usually works slower between 17:00 and 22:00.

internet speed

How do you check your internet speed?

Internet speed can be checked on several websites. The easiest way to do this is through the Speedtest website. To check the speed of our internet, just enter it and press Start.

However, to be able to achieve a reliable result of such research, you need to follow some tips related to the operation of programs or search engines. Here they are:

  •  disable applications that may have a negative impact on internet speed: P2P applications, instant messengers, and anti-virus programs
  •  if possible, connect to the internet directly via a LAN cable,
  •  disable other devices using WiFI
  •  reset the router before measuring the speed
  •  perform internet speed measurement several times

After checking the internet speed, we should receive three parameters regarding our connection:

  • Ping – average delays in data transfer. The smaller the ping, the better for us.
  • Download – download speed. The result is shown in megabits per second (Mb / s, Mbps)
  • Upload – data upload speed

If your measurements leave a lot to be desired, try the following steps before contacting your Internet provider, exchanging the router for a better model or buying a signal booster.

Reset and retest the router to make sure that the problem is temporary.

Try moving the router to an open space in the middle of your home or office, avoiding the proximity of other electronics, wireless devices, metal and concrete.

If you have a dual band router, use the built-in software to switch devices that require high bandwidth from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. This way you will avoid more interference.

As the last meter, you can always connect your computer directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable, bypassing the wireless router completely. This will tell you whether the ISP or perhaps the equipment itself is guilty of any delays. In case the culprit is the latter, you should consider buying a new device that supports the latest 802.11ac standard, e.g. EA8300 router from Linksys. And if your household has many devices that they use at the same time, make sure your new router supports MU-MIMO, e.g. Linksys WRT3200 or the WRT32X gaming edition. It is the ability to simultaneously process data sent from various devices instead of forcing them to wait their turn, as is the case with routers that do not have the MU-MIMO function.



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